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 Italy, The Perfect Destination For Seniors


Use the retirement phase of your life to travel the world. Having extra time to enjoy life will give you a chance to see many wonderful places. There are many amazing cities in the world that would appeal to seniors. First on your top list for travel destinations should be Europe. Offering you many rich cultured cities with many museums and historical architecture, perfect for seniors that want to explore the world. One of the best cities for visiting in Europe is Italy for sure, perfect for seniors. What has Italy exactly to offer to seniors? Why should you choose it as traveling destination?

Why choose Italy as a traveling destination?

Seniors will more likely be amazed by the historical side of Italy. Choosing Italy as a traveling destination will give a chance to see unique historical architecture, especially cities like Rome or Florence. When it comes to the capital city in Italy, Rome, you will be amazed by the breathtaking ancient architecture followed by the rich culture that goes many centuries back.

From visiting castles, quintessential countryside, museums, churches, to going wine tasting and visiting vineyards. Many options suitable for everyone’s taste. Aside from only visiting places, you can choose to take many kinds of classes as ceramic or art classes.Italy is not a big country and you will be able to explore its beauties without missing anything. Italians are very social and passionate people that will definitely give you the experience of your life that you will never forget.


Don’t forget. Italy is famous for its gelato, amazing pizza, and delicious pasta, so you will enjoy the tastiest food you ever tried.


Best Italian places for visiting

Explore Italy and learn about every place you should most definitely not miss to visit.

Best places in Italy for visiting:

  • First is the capital city, Rome, known by its powerful culture. From amazing cathedrals to ancient architecture from the Renaissance period, Rome will leave you without words for sure.
  • Visit Tuscany. Beautiful vineyards and hills for relaxing and enjoying a good wine. Don’t miss the art exploring in Florence and you should definitely go to see the popular leaning tower located in Pisa.
  • Explore Venice, one of the most popular places in Italy. The Grand Canal is the most famous part of the city that divides Venice in two. Don’t miss the gondola rides on the canal.
  • Naples is the place for exploring the Italian art world and many historical sites that will amaze you.
  • Pompeii, to get a look in the ancient Roman life with taking a tour on the historical streets full of remains of ancient architecture.

Traveling tips

There are tips that could help you to get the whole Italian experience and make your traveling easier. First, pack lightly. When in Italy, buy for yourself a bus ticket to help you get to your favorite destinations easier.

Book a hotel that is close to the public transportation system and close to a specific landmark to find your way around the city you explore easier. If you want to visit another town, buy a train ticket.

In some specific locations, men should wear long pants and women scarfs around their face, try to respect the dress code to be able to visit those locations.

You should never explore Italy in the summer, especially August. The weather is too hot for exploring and most of the locals don’t work that month.