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Celebrated Destination of Highway One: Senior Trip

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Highway one road trip specially designed for seniors and focused on what seniors will enjoy the most on a road trip as such. The Highway one classics can be more of fun as it includes rich destinations comprising of a little adventure, a pinch of indie salt and a fun packed trip all in all. The stretch from San Diego to San Francisco themselves have various celebrated destinations but the work of selecting the most fun for seniors is done by us. Let the trip begin:

Why go for Highway One?

The following trip can begin either way and stay can be planned as per what majority decides because if it has to be a senior trip it has to be insane.

Here is a list of destinations between San Diego and San Francisco best suited for the best senior trip in order.

Huntington Beach – At least a day at the beach, surfing the waves or volleyball or may be just simply chilling at a classic beach city of southern California. Watching the local dudes play with the ocean, cycling down the oceanfront can be fun with many stylish boutiques and restaurants not too far from the ocean. Huntington is mostly about beach and surfing but that is not all that can be done but much more, bird watching and horse riding are variedly enjoyed here. Seniors can have fun and imagination is limits.


Los Angeles – Everyone enjoys at LA and this is the charm of California in many ways, the weather, Hollywood and fancy everywhere. Any senior can be doing so much at a place as such but keeping in mind how broke seniors are mostly still there can be much more to do. Giving less time to LA one can move ahead and enjoy the serene journey with friends and peers.

Paso Robles – Ventured the ragged point? Head towards Piedras Blancas Rookery to see Elephant seals where they do many things other than flopping around and there can be many things to learn as well. Paso Robles is a more soul enriching experience but not boring at all because seniors are hardly alone. Make the most of your time there and the memories will be amazing.

Santa Cruz – This mellow beach town has no single personality but most of it is really fun and amazing. The beach is back, sunny and charming, historic carousel and much more here tries to keep its culture intact with less of modern everywhere in this city, the surf town, a sport in California has nation’s top surfers in town and is pretty pleasant to watch them do tricks. All in all, Santa Cruz will not disappoint anyone.

San Francisco – “The City By the Bay “ as quoted it is the last stop on our list and rather deserves to be treated with full joy and excitement. This place is no less than other and it is simply the charmer of the journey after LA indeed. Much can be done here as well in the Golden Gate Park and museums as well in the city.

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This is simply it, the sennior trip is over and hopes you have fun tripping California’s Highway One which simply never disappoints. Having a good time simply depends on you and anyone can have fun at places as serene as mentioned. Have Fun!