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Maintain Course to Alaska

this is a picture of the maintain course to alaska

Imagine, you set out on a cruise boat from a port in Seattle yesterday but you are too giddy to sleep in.  You dress into bathroom robes and check the weather above deck, aside from a little sea wind the air is still glowing with summer heat.  There will be plenty of time for brunch and mimosas at the open bar later but right now the deck is quiet and the sunrise is glowing over the edge of British Columbia coast line.  Blue Mountains shimmer in the distance covered in blue pines shouldered in next to one another all the way down to the sandy beaches and rocky shoals.  You take another deep breath of the fresh air and realize that traveling by sea truly is the best way to travel.  Cruise lines to Alaska shores are becoming the next big thing in travel here are 5 reasons why.

The North Pacific Marine Life

In the months of May through September, it is not uncommon for passengers of cruises ships to see whales from their deck.  Many whales come to the waters of Alaska in the warm months including, Humpback, Beluga, and even the mammoth Blue Whale can be spotted in Alaskan waters.

Glacier Bay National Park

A cold wind blows, maintain course to Alaska, everything else is still.  A wall of ice deep blue at its core and frosted with snow rises hundreds of feet high out of the sea where connects the rocky fists of two sea side outcroppings.  This isn’t a fantasy scene but Glacier Bay near Skagway, Alaska.  This gem of a national park is the best scene by sea.  Alaska is so large and remote that traveling by sea will be more comfortable and enjoyable than braving the seasonal roads of Alaska.

The Fjords

Fjords are defined as a deep and narrow inlet where the sea is met by high cliffs on either side typical of Norway and Iceland but also found in Alaska.  Another formation best scene from the sea, fjords are often formed by glacial melt and make for stunning viewing.  Mirror’s edge waters reflect the craggy outcropping of the surrounding cliff side.  If the weather is right, you will see them with floats of ice scattered about the chilly bays.

this is a picture of alaska fjords maintain course to alaska

Travel in Style

True, planes travel faster than cruises but finding a plane with a spa on board is a little harder to do.  Besides having come standard with the amenities to soak and steam your troubles away nearly all cruise liners come equipped with more amenities for you to explore on your trip.   Cruise liners servicing Alaska come with casinos, buffets, aqua parks, fitness gyms, outdoor sports and ropes courses, as well as shopping quarters on board.  Most cruises often offer live entertainment such as jazz bands and musicals as well.

Return Rested

We’ve all had that trip, the one that was more travel than a vacation.  The trip you come back from exhausted and leaving you wondering why you left in the first place.  On a cruise to Alaska, there is no chance that you will come back to your home like a lost little pup.  When you disembark in Seattle, you just might experience the first difficult task of the whole trip, getting your connecting flight back home.