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Think Caribbean Think Nevis! Best Place for Seniors

the best place for senior is the nevis caribbean

There is something irresistible to this island, not too far from the so called major attractions but here is a short article to define what this island packs and how this place can be an excellent choice for seniors to chill and notice the depth of past as well as a subtle touch of modern.

Suggestions coming up and will help to make the most out of this place:

A Peak to Climb

3,232-foot Nevis Peak is meant for anyone with the fusion of adventure and nature. The heart will fill with breath-taking views. Love for nature and notice the real beauty is the sole of the experience makes the Nevis island the best place for seniors. Hiring a guide will be a great thought to avoid getting lost, which will not be pretty. The rocks are slippery but fit for trekking enthusiasts.

Hidden Treat

There exist seven private retreats which sit along the slope of Nevis Peak at 800 feet above sea level. These are kind of unconventional places to be but some serious spots to relax and enjoy the serene beauty. Away from the world, what one hears here is twittering of birds or water flowing. Great place to eat and grass everywhere with the pleasant green too.




Exceptional Foliage

Dozens of artifacts from various parts of the world including Ganesh statue from India. Lilly ponds for birds to meet and tropical fruit garden into the foliage itself. This man made places never were so compatible and anyone can notice how nicely they blend with everything on Navis.

nevis island carribean offers the best destination for seniors

Natural Offerings

Nature is sufficient and its richness is easily observed. Serving fruits or water and food, natures got us covered but no one can know without being at places as such. The locals try to generously create a better culture for themselves which attracts many tourists as well.

Ancient Shorelines

Spoiler alert! The shoreline rather not being completely ancient and something not altered but is a place which portrays the pieces for past. Remnants of 1995 volcano eruption can be found. Reaching there is a little tricky and a four wheel drive is the solution for the bumpy uneven road Nevis offers.

Alexander Hamilton’s life originated from this small island in the Caribbean and this island’s Museum of Nevis History in Charlestown is the birthplace of Alexander now a small wooden refurbished building with a limestone base.

This article majorly focused on how great Navis can be for seniors and consists of things which are possible for a senior. This place has much more like a really cool hotel and other little fancy stuff. All in all what makes Navis a charming place to be is the mixture of adventure, culture, fun, and learning which makes this visit a lifelong memory. Seniors can be more energetic and the peak offers a great more adventure to them. Warm hospitality and locals trying to save their culture inculcate the feeling to find the purpose of life and proves this is not just an island in the Caribbean but a complete experience.