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Think Caribbean Think Nevis! Best Place for Seniors

the best place for senior is the nevis caribbean

There is something irresistible to this island, not too far from the so called major attractions but here is a short article to define what this island packs and how this place can be an excellent choice for seniors to chill and notice the depth of past as well as a subtle touch of modern.

Suggestions coming up and will help to make the most out of this place:

A Peak to Climb

3,232-foot Nevis Peak is meant for anyone with the fusion of adventure and nature. The heart will fill with breath-taking views. Love for nature and notice the real beauty is the sole of the experience makes the Nevis island the best place for seniors. Hiring a guide will be a great thought to avoid getting lost, which will not be pretty. The rocks are slippery but fit for trekking enthusiasts.

Hidden Treat

There exist seven private retreats which sit along the slope of Nevis Peak at 800 feet above sea level. These are kind of unconventional places to be but some serious spots to relax and enjoy the serene beauty. Away from the world, what one hears here is twittering of birds or water flowing. Great place to eat and grass everywhere with the pleasant green too.


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Visit Spain, One of the Best Travel Destinations for Seniors

As a senior, you certainly thought of using your extra free time for traveling. Why not explore the world and see many different beautiful places full of history and amazing architectural sites. Explore the world and experience traveling to many breathtaking countries. One of the most popular travel destinations for seniors is Spain. Why is that? What does Spain have to offer you?

Why should seniors visit Spain?

Spain is one of the largest countries located on the European continent. With peaceful lifestyle and perfect warm climate is perfect for seniors that are looking for a travel destination. A mix of breathtaking natural beauties and rich cultural attractions and sites, Spain will give the experience of your life.

spain as a destination for seniors

From exploring architecture in Madrid and Barcelona, watching the mega popular flamenco dance, visiting sports centers that are known worldwide, going to flea markets to exploring fortresses, Spain will offer you many activities and places that will make you stay and live there. Indeed, Spain is one of the best travel destination for seniors.

Try Spain’s delicious characteristic meals as tapas and tortillas. Enjoy tasty food, and relax in this beautiful country.

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Maintain Course to Alaska

this is a picture of the maintain course to alaska

Imagine, you set out on a cruise boat from a port in Seattle yesterday but you are too giddy to sleep in.  You dress into bathroom robes and check the weather above deck, aside from a little sea wind the air is still glowing with summer heat.  There will be plenty of time for brunch and mimosas at the open bar later but right now the deck is quiet and the sunrise is glowing over the edge of British Columbia coast line.  Blue Mountains shimmer in the distance covered in blue pines shouldered in next to one another all the way down to the sandy beaches and rocky shoals.  You take another deep breath of the fresh air and realize that traveling by sea truly is the best way to travel.  Cruise lines to Alaska shores are becoming the next big thing in travel here are 5 reasons why.

The North Pacific Marine Life

In the months of May through September, it is not uncommon for passengers of cruises ships to see whales from their deck.  Many whales come to the waters of Alaska in the warm months including, Humpback, Beluga, and even the mammoth Blue Whale can be spotted in Alaskan waters.

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Miami Beach: The Seaside Getaway

The island city of Miami Beach is famous for being wonderfully good looking both sides of the surf but go there this year and find out why it could be the best beach on the coast for you.  Connected to mainland Miami by bridges Miami Beach is easily accessible from Miami International Airport.  The travel can be so easy that it is tempting to make the trip in a weekend but to do so would be selling Miami Beach short, you will need a few more days to soak up all the Latin food, pleasant nights and summer sun.  Here are a few tips for planning your next vacation to Miami Beach:

this is an image of miami beach a great destination for seniors

World Class Accommodations in Miami Beach

Five Star accommodations line shoulder to shoulder down Ocean Drive which means plenty of options when making reservations.  ADA accessible, family friendly, or just to take a dip after a pool cleaning in a local pool with a beautiful view, any of your requests will easily be met, which means no settling for just a clean room. 

Within Range of Key West

Should the mood strike you to leave the city Key West is only 4 hours by car or tour bus and even hosts is an own airport.  The archipelago skates lightly out in the Gulf of Mexico connected by bridges.  Where the road ends is the southernmost point of the contiguous United States, Key West.  On the way back don’t pass up Key Largo without taking a look at some of the houses built right on top of the lagoon.

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Celebrated Destination of Highway One: Senior Trip

this is a picture of a celebrated destination of highway one

Highway one road trip specially designed for seniors and focused on what seniors will enjoy the most on a road trip as such. The Highway one classics can be more of fun as it includes rich destinations comprising of a little adventure, a pinch of indie salt and a fun packed trip all in all. The stretch from San Diego to San Francisco themselves have various celebrated destinations but the work of selecting the most fun for seniors is done by us. Let the trip begin:

Why go for Highway One?

The following trip can begin either way and stay can be planned as per what majority decides because if it has to be a senior trip it has to be insane.

Here is a list of destinations between San Diego and San Francisco best suited for the best senior trip in order.

Huntington Beach – At least a day at the beach, surfing the waves or volleyball or may be just simply chilling at a classic beach city of southern California. Watching the local dudes play with the ocean, cycling down the oceanfront can be fun with many stylish boutiques and restaurants not too far from the ocean. Huntington is mostly about beach and surfing but that is not all that can be done but much more, bird watching and horse riding are variedly enjoyed here. Seniors can have fun and imagination is limits.

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