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Blog Posts.
Pastor Christoph Fehrenbach
3 December 2013
I've played sports my whole life. My involvement in organized team activities stopped in middle school predominantly because I couldn't be bothered with the rigor of practices, schedules, and other such silliness. I just wanted to play games. Somewhere between 1990 when I stopped participating in team sports and in 2002 when I started coaching different rec league teams, what I deem a nasty problem was instituted. Everyone became a winner. At the end of the season everyone got a trophy; everyone got a medal. The kid who continuously broke the rules - Here's your trophy! The teammate who never passed and was always angry when someone else got to play - Here's your medal! The little girl who came to one practice out of 10 and made two games out of 8 - Here's your certificate! These are things I hate because, what does...
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