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Gifts of Hope| 2012 Christmas Initiatives

Oct. 07 - Dec. 23, 2012

In the past, we have put together shoeboxes of gifts for children all over the world and we have purchased personal presents for each of the children of Wings of Refuge Children’s Home. This year, we have a different opportunity before us.

Electricity in Haiti is extremely inconsistent. It goes off at least once each day and for unknown lengths of time. No electricity means no light. It means no fans. It means no running water. No electricity would make it very difficult for any one of us to go about our lives but imagine adding 21 children’s lives to it?

Wings of Refuge Children’s Home moves into their new home (which will allow them to provide a new life for over 50 kids!) in January 2013 and we, Christian Life Center, want to purchase the generator for the home that will make a way for consistent electricity.

The generator needed for a home of this size is $15,000. We know that is a big amount, but we believe in a big God through whom nothing is impossible. We, the Church, have an opportunity this Christmas to give light to the children of Wings of Refuge in Petion-Ville, Haiti.

Get involved and believe God this Christmas. Ask God what you can give and how you can be a part of raising $15,000. Be creative and open. In this packet you will find a few ideas and ways that you can get involved but please don’t limit what you can do to the ideas in here!

All the Details...

Where do donations go? Put your donation in a yellow envelope with Gift of Hope written on them. Turn all donations into the Front Office.

Checks. Checks can be written to Christian Life Center.

FREE ornament with your donation. Every donation of $5 or more will receive our Gift of Hope Ornament. They can also make great gifts this Christmas season.

It all has to be in. All donations need to be in by December 23rd.

Turn all the lights on. Our goal is to raise $15,000. For every $300 that is raised, a lightbulb will be turned on so that hope will shine brightly. 

Fill a can. Pick up a can from the Front Hallway and empty your pockets of all your change. Fill up the bucket at CLC with change. It will be counted and added to the total amount every few weeks.

Hope for Haiti T-shirts & Wristbands. T-shirts are $15 (or 3 for $40) and wristbands are $2 - pick one up from the Front Hallway and support Haiti this Christmas.

Do Good Christmas Open House. On Friday, November 30th, you are invited to get your Christmas shopping done while giving towards electricity for the kids. Pampered Chef, Lia Sophia, SoapBox Soaps, Party Lite, and many others will be there...

Christmas Trees.

This year, instead of heading to Wal-Mart to purchase your family’s tree, purchase it from CLC and have all the proceeds go towards the generator. The trees are Grade A, 7-8’ Fraser Fir Christmas trees from a farm in Radford, Virginia. This is a way to give to our community while giving hope to Haiti.

When will they be sold? Sundays from 11:30am - 3pm and on Wednesdays from 4-8pm beginning Friday, November 23rd (the day after Thanksgiving) leading up to Christmas. 

How much will they cost? $50.

Can I pre-order? Yes! Beginning Sunday, October 14th, fill out the form at CLC or online.

Can I help? Yes! Contact Crystal Mihansky (ladybugcfm@gmail.com) to take on a shift or see how you can get involved.

Give a tree this Christmas. Do you know of someone in the community who could use a Christmas tree? Maybe it is your neighbor or a family from school that would love to have a locally-grown tree but cannot afford it.

Here are a few options for you:

1. If you know of someone but are unable to buy a tree for them, fill out the Tree of Hope Order Form with their information and we will try to pair up sponsorships with

2. If you would like to sponsor anyone’s tree (and do not have anyone specific), please fill out the Tree of Hope Order Form.

21 Ways that YOU can give light this Christmas

Check out 21 ways and other details by downloading the Gifts of Hope brochure.


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