Generation Church


Generation Church is the Student Ministry of Christian Life Center covering young people between the ages of 12 and 24. As we look in scripture we do not encounter a God who moves in people's lives based on three year or five year increments but rather a God who moves in generations. We are young people, Middle School through College and Young Professionals, who are passionate about taking the reality of God to our generation. 

GC Gathering

If you are a middle school student, high school student, college student, or young pressional, then count your Wednesday night each week booked! Every Wednesday night at 7pm GC meets in the CLC Sanctuary for a time of positive relationships, powerful prayer, passionate worship, and a penetrating message.

GC Groups

GC Groups are small groups where people connect, are encouraged, and are strengthened through relationship. They are groups of people of separated by gender and age and led by a GC leader with a love for the Lord and a heart for people. They take place varying nights throughout the week and at various times. You can find all the GC Groups and the pertinent information on the Small Group Page.

GC Events

We are all about fun here at Generation Church! There are lots of events geared specifically toward the varying age groups ranging from pool parties, retreats, shopping trips, ice skating, ultimate frisbee, and many more. Check out the Events page and the GC Facebook page to find the upcoming events.

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