God is at work in the marketplace. Every entrepreneur has unique skills, ability and vision that will enable them to excel in their business. Our dreams normally come quickly, but there are often obstacles in seeing them become realities. Our goal is to assist you in fulfilling your spiritual call to the Marketplace. We believe today’s marketplace provides the greatest venue for sharing the gospel and touching people’s lives while prospering the kingdom.

Whether you are a business owner, professional, or manager, we believe there should be a Godly purpose for your place in the business arena. The Marketplace Ministry's focus is to encourage, train and support the business men and women in Williamsburg/James City County. There are opportunities to meet others, network and learn. 

Weekly Prayer

Each week the Marketplace ministry hosts a time of prayer to encourage and strengthen the entrepreneurs, businessmen and women, and the local businesses. It takes place in the CLC Lounge at 7:00AM on Tuesday mornings.

For more information...

Contact Stuart Honenberger, Marketplace Coordinator, at