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  • Nov12

    Sonia Carrasquillo

    Please pray for my marriage, not to (separate or getting divorce), for marriage and family restoration, in all areas, peace, time to do the will of God and take care of myself and my family, to be able to fast, pray, read the Bible, peace, deliverance from depression. Indubitable direction to find a business or job that doesn’t interfere with serving the Lord. For the salvation of my husband and son. For all of us, to know the Lord and direction to find a Church, and open doors for us, to serve the Lord. For his presence, faith, knowledge, wisdom, protection, divine health, the solution for financial freedom. For everything in our life, the message, preaching, not to be with wise and persuasive words, but with demonstration of the Spirit’s power.

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  • Oct16


    I need help to overcome personal debt so that my finances can be free to serve the Lord. I want my heart to be open and free of fear, so that I can trust God to provide for me and use me in his ministry.

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  • Sep22


    I woke up this morning to my husband saying he is leaving me for another woman. I have 2 kids and now im left to pay rent, lights, water and i dont know how im going to be able to do that. im looking to the lord for help and guidance. please pray for me and my 2 kids

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  • Sep13

    Levi Soza

    I am a Marine Stationed In Camp Pendleton California. I used to go to CLC when i was a teenager. I recently got into an argument with my girl friend and lost my temper, I said things that were evil and mean and i never would want anyone to hear. I know i have fallen off the path of god and lost my way, i let the devil get a hold of me. Now she wont speak to me and my career is in jeopardy because she call my boss an told him what i had said, because she was scared for me that i would hurt myself. I want to be a good spouse and great person. I feel really bad about everything and i want to step back into the light, i was stronger with god on my side i want help getting him back in my life and the strength to do what i need to do to be a better man for her and a soldier for god.

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  • Sep6


    Please pray for my mother-in-law, Lois.
    She told us during hurricane Irene that she is fighting 2 types of cancer.
    I think she grew up in a denominational church, but I don't think she is saved.
    Please pray for her salvation and any healing God chooses to give her.
    Thank you!

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  • Aug19

    Ashley Loveless

    My sister is Bi-polar and is going through an active time of the disorder. There is lots going on because of this - in her life and in our family. My parents and I have been watching one of her children for two weeks, and her other is with another family member. We are praying for restoration of her mind and for there to be stability in her life. She is now in a psyche hospital (her third admission in the last two weeks) - we're praying that she would receive the help she needs. If you could come alongside us in prayer, we'd so appreciate it!

    Prayer for the rest of my family would be great too - we're all in a constant state of uncertainty. Thank you so much!

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  • Aug13

    Samuel Masih

    Please pray for me. I am a Bible translator and do music working part time looking for full time work. Pray for my family. The devil is trying to destroy what God has put together. We have been separated for months. We are both servants of God. She is on a mission trip right now in Uganda in East Africa. Pray for her protection too and for God to bring us together again so we can serve Him. He has has given us so many talents. I speak a few languages. Thanks for praying for us. God bless you and your family. Thanks.

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  • Aug8

    Carl Carrero

    For God's unlimited favor in pursuit of law school. For entry into my number one school (Wythe). For peace and gratitude and contentment no matter where God sends me. For the discipline and wisdom required to be faithful in completing my studies with excellence.

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  • Aug7

    Your Name

    Please keep my family in your prayers. I have no way to provide school suppies or school clothes for my 12 yr old son. I work but all my money seems to go to pay bills. His father has never been in his life so it is all on me and the Lord, who i look to for help. Thank you.

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  • Aug2


    I am really struggling as a single mother trying to provide for my 2 kids with no support from the father. I need prayer that he will find it in his heart to pay his child support so i can provide for my kids. All the bills seem to come at the same time water disconnection notice, lights, phone. Please pray for a blessing for my family. Thank you

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